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For Corporations and Educational Organizations

JMOOC’s Mission

Through providing high-quality online courses to everyone completely free of charge, we seek to propagate and standardize a certain level of knowledge in various fields. Along with supporting an individual’s willful self-learning, we aim to translate their knowledge and skills into virtues valued by society.


JMOOC’s Activity Details

  • 1Quality Assurance Through Course Certification

    Based on our professional knowledge and experiences, all of our online lectures are examined to see if they fulfill the standards we require in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

    The courses that pass this examination process are qualified as JMOOC certified courses, and divided into one of the following 3 categories based on the institution that provides the course and the content of the course itself.

    Course Certification Committee

    Course Certification Committee


    • Category I

      University-level courses provided by universities.

    • Category II

      Courses provided by technical colleges and vocational schools, courses recommended by public research institutions, and courses recommended by academic societies.

    • Category III

      Special and extension courses provided by universities, courses provided by companies and enterprises.

  • 2“High Quality” Courses for “Free”

    We offer opportunities to take university-level courses with a simple course registration, and entire learning process, including viewing lecture videos, getting graded for tests and assignments, and receiving certificates of completion, is provided completely free of charge. A wide variety of learners from age under 20 to over 80, are taking our courses, and some of them would not have been able to access this level of education otherwise.

    For details on the number of learners, please check out the Growth of JMOOC Certified Courses and Learners.

  • 3Research for the Establishment of Learning Support Technology

    MOOC makes it possible to gather and analyze learning activity data on a massive scale, and any findings from the data are useful to advance our learning support technology in order to promote a continuous learning.

    Here at JMOOC we actively promote research for the establishment of learning support technology.

  • 4Cooperation with and Proposals to Relevant Ministries and Agencies

    We have proposed the use of MOOC for human resources development at the “Industry – Academia – Government Round-Table Conference for Human Resources Development in Science and Technology” co-hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry. In cooperation with these Ministries, we promote the use of our “Science and Technology Foundation Courses” for corporations and universities.

  • 5 Cooperation with Asian Countries

    By sharing technological and operational information about JMOOC courses and platforms with Asian countries where MOOC has been introduced, we offer necessary and effective learning opportunities.


Growth of JMOOC Certified Courses and Learners

As of March 2023, 617 JMOOC certified courses are offered. About 1,390,000 unique learners are registered, with 1,630,000 course enrollments.

Most of registrants are college graduates and some of them have other advanced degree. They have high motivation for continuous learning.

Most of registrants are college graduates and some of them have other advanced degree