JECC Co., Ltd. was established in 1964, the same year with Tokyo Olympics.

Based on our corporate philosophy of “Reform behavioral theory and innovate syntality, thereby promoting the development of enterprises”, we have consistently pursued the mechanism of human behavior selection, and focused on the establishment of criteria for selection in which for human to take the “high probability of success” action (reform of behavioral theory). In addition, we are also committed in the innovation of flexible, strongly creative organizational culture (innovation of syntality).

In recent years, our customer companies aim to “shift to the realizing corporate philosophy and demand creation type management “, therefore the support of consulting, skill training (course), research, diagnosis and content delivery is becoming indispensable. In other words, for our customers to be selected from their customers, together with our customers, we keep creating the value for the customer’s market.

Thanks to that, we are credited to support for about 20,000 companies and provided training courses for over 2,510,000 people. (data at the end of May 2016)

Through activities of JMOOC, we are now searching for the innovation’ direction of MOOC’s promotion and education inside the enterprise in Japan and Asia.

We are looking forward to our future cooporation.