Since its founding in 1874, Rikkyo University’s fundamental educational philosophy has been to foster the development of globally minded, aspirational human resources who will go on to become indispensable members of society.


We cultivate new kinds of global leaders who have the ability to identify and solve problems from a broad perspective, while responding to global challenges and social demands alike. Moreover, we believe such leaders must have the following three abilities: “Capability to transform,” “Capability for empathy and collaboration” and finally, “Capability to think.”


Capability to transform is defined as the ability to create novel mechanisms that can respond flexibly as societies change, transcending national borders. Capability for empathy and collaboration denotes the power to solve problems jointly with people who have different customs and cultures by drawing upon exceptional communication skills. Lastly, we define the capability to think as the ability to utilize logic to identify the essence of problems, while tackling difficult challenges that affect the entire world.


Furthermore, to benefit society, we actively provide online lectures to share the knowledge and understanding we have cultivated for more than 140 years. Our sincere hope is that more and more people will have the chance to experience Rikkyo’s high-quality education.